London's Bridge Photography: Blog en-us (C) London's Bridge Photography (London's Bridge Photography) Wed, 25 Jul 2018 13:09:00 GMT Wed, 25 Jul 2018 13:09:00 GMT YES, You Can Bring Your Pet! 3 Reasons Why - Elizabethtown, KY Family Photographer, Puppy Love Every now & then, I will get asked by a client if it's okay to bring their pet (usually their dog).  As a self-proclaimed animal lover, I always say ABSOLUTELY!!  I love animals.  I love the fun they bring, their energy...and I especially love watching their families love on them.  In fact, last week, our family had to say good-bye to our precious Australian Shepherd, Zoey.  She was 16 years old and was a huge part of our family.  My heart is even more sensitive right now towards animals, but I encourage you to include them in your pictures if you want!  Here are 3 main reasons why I think it's a great idea!  


Whether your pet lives for one year or 15 years, they are a member of your family.  For their time with you, there are so many precious memories that are made.  Pictures are supposed to reflect a particular time in your life, right?  Well, since your pet plays such a huge role in your life, it's only fitting that you include them in your family photos. :)


As much as I wish that everyone just loved having their pictures taken, that is just sadly not the case!!  I'll be honest, I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it! :)  Having said that, bringing your pet allows you to feel more comfortable.  Pets are proven to be therapeutic in so many ways.  Bringing them along to your session helps you to take your mind off of having a camera in your face and allows you to focus more on your sweet fur baby!  Plus, there's just nothing sweeter than capturing sweet lovin' between pets and their family!  


My sessions are always centered around doing something...whether it's exploring, walking, playing, etc.  I love movement and action so much more than just standing or sitting still.  When you have your pet with you at your session, you automatically have something you can do!  You can play with them, love on them, or walk with them...and so much more.  They're like a really adorable props that moves and makes noise! Haha :)

If you know my philosophy or have followed my work for very long, you know that I embrace imperfection and love moments that are just real, honest and tell a story!  When pets are involved in a session, I just love how perfection goes out the window, and we can just embrace the pet's personality.  We can capture the fun, love & connection that the pet and his/her family shares, and we can have a few good laughs along the way! :)

So...if you're planning on having me take your pictures, and you've wondered if it's okay if you bring your pet, the answer is YES!! :)  If it's been forever since you've had family pictures done, and you know time is passing too quickly, then I'd love for you to schedule a session! :)  You can learn about the London's Bridge Photography experience HERE, the investment HERE, and contact me HERE.  I'd love to capture your precious memories...with or without your fur baby! :)

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Sisters - A friend for life: Elizabethtown, KY Children Photographer When I was 13 months old, my sister was born.  From that moment on, I had a best friend for life.  I have never known life without my sister.  Then, when I was 14 years old, my youngest sister was born!  We loved every second with our baby sister and treated her like our very own baby doll!!  Now, that "baby doll" is grown, married, and one of my best friends, too. 

My point is that I have been incredibly blessed with sisters!  I understand the beautiful bond that sisters share.  A sister is truly a best friend for life - someone who will laugh with you, take up for you, drive you completely nuts (it's true - haha!), and will be there for you no matter what!  When I see sisters like Reese & Ramsey, it just makes my heart smile!  These two sweet girls are so special, and it's easy to see how much they love each other!  I hope they are still hugging, loving, laughing and smiling this much when they are grown with children of their own!  

As a photographer, nothing makes me more excited than a beautiful golden sunset!!  When I can have little girls twirling in that gorgeous light...well, it just doesn't get much better than that!  Needless to say, I was one happy lady with a camera that night!! :)

I love capturing love & connection in a fun, laid back, and meaningful way!  Has it been way too long since you've had your memories captured?  I can help you with that!  You can learn all about the London's Bridge Photography experience HERE, or you can contact me HERE.  Plus, if you'd love to learn more about why photography is so much more than a job for me, I'd love for you to read about my can do that HERE!  I can't wait to hear from you!

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What is a Motherhood Session? Elizabethtown, KY Family Photographer - Motherhood Session When I first introduced London's Studio to the public, I knew that I wanted to fill the space with so much love and happiness!  Because my entire business is built around honoring my precious daughter, London, it's imperative that my work brings joy and happiness to my clients and to myself!  I always strive to create art that is full of life, honesty, connection, and that embraces imperfection.  One of my favorite ways that I've been able to do that while using London's Studio is by offering "Motherhood Sessions". 

Motherhood Sessions were born out of my desire to simply celebrate motherhood.  Being a mom is an incredible gift.  It is full of joy, happiness, laughter, and beauty.  It is also terribly hard, exhausting, and emotionally draining at times.  My mom always says that "being a good mom is the hardest job in the world."  I couldn't agree more!  Regardless of whether this very moment yields laughter or heartache as a mom, it's all beautifully woven together into a beautiful that reflects our desires to raise amazing little people who will do great things someday.  Motherhood is a high calling and deserves to be celebrated! 

This Motherhood Session highlights a beautiful new mommy and her adorable 6-month-old little boy!  The love & connection they share is so precious.   This is just the beginning of a lifetime of love that will be shared between these two!    

Are you a mom who would love to have memories captured of you loving on your babies?  Maybe your babies are grown!  That's okay, too...they will always be your babies.  Motherhood is beautiful at any stage, and it deserves to be celebrated!  I'd love to capture you and your children!  You can read about the London's Bridge Photography experience HERE or contact me HERE!  I can't wait to hear from you!

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The Owens Family - Elizabethtown, KY Family Photographer Although I'm officially in my "late" 30's, I still think of myself as in my 20's!  However, time doesn't stand still, and I'm reminded often that I'm just not that young anymore! Haha!  It was actually 20 years last month when Scott, Alaine & I graduated from high school together!! :)  How in the world has it been 20 years already?! 

Well, regardless of how fast time flies, there is one thing for certain.  Life is precious and beautiful...and with age comes many blessings.  I loved getting to see the blessings that Scott & Alaine have been given in the past 20 years!  They still have a thriving relationship, just as they did in high school.  Their children are so beautiful and full of life!  They love deeply and have fun together.  They truly enjoy life, and it was so much fun to witness!!

The littlest cutie, Merrick, was certain that there was a frog in my camera!!  Haha!!  Sometimes my trick works...and sometimes the children obsess over it! :)  Either way, she was intrigued and became my buddy really fast! :)

I asked Merrick to close her eyes...and she did exactly as I asked!! Haha :) 



All of the kids have the cutest freckles!


Merrick was bothered that I was staying behind while they took a walk! Haha!!  She was yelling, "HEY! ARE YOU COMIN' WIF US???!!!"  I mean, could she get any cuter?! :)

It's easy to see how all of the younger children adore their big sister!  She is so beautiful with such a sweet spirit.  

As a mom of boys, I absolutely love when they are up for an adventure!  At the end of the session, Foster was back over at the pond...with his shirt off...looking for fish! :)  It was great!  He said he caught one with his bare hands!

Photographing the Owens family was so much fun and laid back...exactly how I want all of my sessions to be!  If you're interested in having your family memories captured in a fun, laid back and meaningful way, then I'd love to hear from you!  You can read all about the experience HERE, the investment HERE...and you can contact me HERE!!  I can't wait to hear from you! 

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Summer Senior Sessions - There's Still Time! Elizabethtown, KY Senior Photographer I love photographing Senior girls for many reasons.  First of all, they are usually excited to have their pictures taken!  That's always a plus! :)  Secondly, they are always excited about their future and their plans!  Seniors girls are usually bubbly, energetic and so much fun to work with!  The third reason why I love photographing Seniors is getting to watch their parents during the session.  I love how they look at their "babies" with so many emotions.  There's joy, happiness, excitement, disbelief, sadness & pride.  Regardless of the emotions that come, it's a special time in life and always a joy and privilege to photograph!

This beautiful Senior is Kayla!  She recently graduated and will be heading off to college soon!  I had so much fun working with her and her sweet family!  All of those reasons I mentioned above were evident in Kayla...and in her Mama!! :)  The whole experience of working with her was a joy!

Kayla brought her boyfriend along for support and for a few pictures!  I am always okay if a Senior wants to incorporate her boyfriend (or a friend) in a few pictures.  It's like bringing a really cute prop that talks! Haha :)  

Summer is passing quickly, but I still have some weekday availability for Senior Sessions!  If you want to wear that summer dress, shorts, and maybe even kick off your shoes, then now's the time for Senior pictures!!  I'd love to capture this special time for you!!  You can learn more about the session investment HERE and can contact me HERE.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions - Elizabethtown Newborn Photographer I have always been drawn to the "real" and the "raw" in a photograph.  Even when I had pictures plastered all over my dorm room in college, I always chose to frame the ones that told a story.  Although I absolutely love & respect traditional portraits, they are not usually the ones that make my heart sing.  Because of my love for natural, real-life, imperfect images, I honestly never thought that newborn photography would be my thing.  After all, I didn't really have the interest in learning to do all of the fancy poses or fancy wraps.  I didn't have the desire to spend hours trying to keep a baby asleep and manipulate his/her little legs, arms, hands, and head into a perfect position.  I have so much respect for the amazing photographers who do it so well, but I simply don't have the patience or the passion for that.  I mean, I even love capturing the open-mouth, gummy newborn cries like this...

Therefore, I just assumed that newborn photography just wasn't for me.   That is...until I started seeing "In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography" pop up in some of the inspirational photography forums, magazines and blogs that I follow.  When I first saw a style of newborn photography that "fit" my style of photography (and my personality), I was blown away!  It was so exciting when I realized I could create beautiful newborn portraits without wrapping, posing or spending hours doing it! I could embrace the real, natural, imperfect moments just like I do in all other areas of my photography...and that made my heart so happy!!

I haven't marketed myself as a newborn photographer.  After all, not everyone wants the natural, organic look for a newborn session.  However, for the few who have trusted me and my vision, I am so grateful.  Once I got the chance to simply document these precious little miracles just as they are in their comfortable surroundings, I loved it...and it just felt right.  Seeing new life and the love that surrounds that precious little soul is something I will never ever take for granted!  Let me get sentimental for a second.  I can't tell you how much I wish I had invested in a photographer for when my daughter, London, was born.  And, you know what?  I would've wanted images of her just being her precious little self - her little squirms, expressions, eyes open and closed, her in my arms getting kisses, her little toes, belly button, her little button nose, the way her finger grasped mine, her wispy hair...everything.  I have snapshots of a few of those things that I cherish, but to have had professional images taken from an artistic perspective would've been so amazing.  I wasn't a photographer then.  I just didn't know or appreciate the true gift of photography. Now, I do.  Now, I get it.  I know now that I can give images to my clients of their precious newborn that I wish I would've had of London.  I can capture organic moments in a beautiful, artistic way that will truly make their heart smile. I can give them the gift of memories that will last a lifetime.  After all, newborns just don't keep.  They grow way too fast, and those moments are gone way too soon.  Here are some of my favorite shots captured during in-home lifestyle newborn sessions.            Having a new baby in the home is wonderful, exciting, hard, overwhelming, messy, beautiful, and such an incredible blessing.  I want to capture it all because it's all worth being remembered!

Because of this new-found love of mine, I am needing families with newborn babies (less than 1 month old) or families who will have newborn babies between now and August! :)  From now until Friday, June 8, I will be taking names of those who would love an Lifestyle Newborn session with London's Bridge Photography!  I will choose 2 FAMILIES who will receive a FREE newborn session!!  Yep, strings attached!!  You let me come into your home and document your precious new little miracle, and I will give you all edited images with printing rights.  



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The Clemons Family - Elizabethtown, KY Family Photographer I can honestly say that 99% of the time, I leave sessions feeling so happy, uplifted, and as if I've been hanging out with friends for an hour!  I am blessed with the best clients, and for that, I am so thankful!  The Clemons family were no different!  They are so full of joy, happiness and love!  Plus, little miss Jorja Mae made our time together even more fun!  She is absolutely adorable and has the funniest personality!  She has a serious demeanor and constantly looked at me like I was crazy! Haha :)  I loved spending time with them and being a witness to the precious bond that they share! Jorja's mommy & daddy changed her clothes, and even then, I loved watching them work together.  The mundane moments are often the ones we remember the most. 

We had fun the whole session, but the next images are what will make me remember this session forever!  I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!  So, you can tell from above that when Jorja's mommy was blowing bubbles, there were tons of them...a big, beautiful cloud of bubbles everywhere! Haha :)  Jorja was loving it!  So, after a few minutes, I suggested that mommy hold Jorja while Daddy blow the bubbles!  And that's when the fun started!! Haha :) 

Jared took the pink bubble wand, and started blowing.  And blowing.  And, try as he might, he could NOT blow bubbles!!!  Haha!!  I laugh just typing this!  Jessi & I were in shock, and then she started laughing hysterically!!  She was coaching him, saying, "Jared, you can't blow like you're blowing out birthday candles!!  You have to blow softly!!!"  He tried to blow softly, and the bubble liquid just sprayed off the wand!  The next few minutes were filled with the biggest belly laughs I've heard in a while!  Jared just started slinging the wand around and hoping for the best!  It was hysterical!!  I think the funniest part is the fact that he's an engineer who can probably do anything and fix anything...EXCEPT BLOW BUBBLES!!! Haha!  Poor Jared!! :)

 This session & and these images, made my heart smile!  There's just nothing sweeter than witnessing a family's love & laughter and getting to tell their story!  It never gets old!  Thank you, Jessi & Jared, for letting me capture this amazing time in your lives!!  I hope these images make you smile for a lifetime!! :)

Are you ready to have your own family documented in a special way?  I would love to tell your story!!  You can start your journey by clicking HERE!  

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BOYS AND THEIR FORT - ELIZABETHTOWN AREA LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER There are 6 boys on our street...six boys whose back yards touch...six boys around the same age who love to get dirty, play & explore.  Yes, I am so outnumbered around here, but I also admit that I absolutely love watching all of their shenanigans!  If they're not playing basketball, they're swimming in our next door neighbor's pond, running from the dog, building something, climbing name it.  I'm sure there's some arguing mixed in, too, but we'll just forget about that for now! :)  This week, they decided to build a fort.  A couple of nights ago, I grabbed my camera and decided to go check it out!  It makes my heart happy to see them having good, old-fashioned fun without a TV, Phone, or an Xbox!!

My favorite images are always the ones where kids are just being themselves, totally in their element, doing what they love, and not even paying attention to me and my camera!  These are the moments of their childhood that they will remember forever!

Would you like to be able to capture more candid, natural photos of your kids?!  I created a simple guide with three tips to taking better pictures of your kids, and I'd love to share it with you!  Sign up for my email newsletter to get your FREE download!!  Don't worry, I won't spam you!! :)  Thanks so much!  



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If you know me or have followed my work for a while, you have heard me say that I embrace imperfection!  There are a lot of reasons why I make this known.  For one, I recognize that I am not perfect and neither are you.  Everyone messes up & needs grace daily!  

However, the main reason that I love to embrace imperfection is because I think imperfection is beautiful!  Imperfections show that there is a deeper story, there is vulnerability, there is healing, restoration, and room for you to simply imagine and ponder the reality of the situation.


I could go on & on, but for today, I want to explain why I just might give you a blurry image in your gallery!  As a photographer, I have spent thousands of hours learning, improving & refining my craft.  I know how to take a technically "perfect" picture.  Of course I strive to provide images that reflect my skill.  However, there are times when my shutter button will go off in between those technically "perfect" images, or times when my camera simply doesn't focus in time, and as a result, I will have a blurry image.  As a perfectionist who embraces imperfection (yep, it's true), I have learned to listen to my heart!  If an image speaks to me, even if it's blurry, I have learned to embrace it, keep it, share it, and trust that it may speak to someone else, too!  After all, our memories are kind of a blur, aren't they?  Here are some blurry images that have spoken to me, and I have decided to proudly embrace anyway! :)

So, I encourage you...the next time you get a blurry image of someone or something you love - maybe you miss focus, maybe the crop is all wrong...whatever the imperfection may be, just remember to listen to your heart!!  If that imperfect image makes you FEEL something, then don't you dare delete it!!  Embrace it, own it, and love it!!


If you're looking for photography experience that is laid back, fun...and where you can be your wonderful, beautiful, imperfect self, I'd love for you to check out more information on the London's Bridge Photography experience by clicking HERE!!  Thanks so much!

~ Ashlee XOXO  

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Writing on the Walls! Imagine taking your kids for pictures, and they can jump on the bed, jump on the couch, AND write on the walls!!!  They can break all the rules, and it's okay!! Haha!! :)  Well, that's pretty much what London's Studio is all about...not just breaking rules, but more about celebrating life!  It's a place where there's lots of joy, laughter, and minimal rules! :)  

About a month ago, I opened "London's Studio" for clients.  It has been a project that has made my heart swell for so many reasons.  In my excitement for making it a place to celebrate life & have fun, I had another crazy idea this week!  Since I teach full time, and it was Spring Break this week, I had a bit of free time (which rarely happens).  So...I decided to make a chalkboard wall!!  I mean, who doesn't love to write on a chalkboard?!  And what kid doesn't dream of writing on the walls...and not getting in trouble?!!  Haha!!  

I love the finished product.  I love the moodiness of the black, the backdrop it will make for classic portraits, and the purpose it will serve as a place for children to write, draw, express themselves, and just have fun!  Plus, I am a sucker for awesome quotes & Bible verses.  I look forward to changing those out regularly, too!!  Here's London's Studio with the new chalkboard wall... :)

The boys had to test it out after the paint dried!  While Jagger drew a funny face, Jack thought he would do multiplication!  What???!!!  His teacher would be so proud!! He doesn't get that from me!!  LOL!!

I joined in the fun by writing my first meaningful Bible verse on the wall.  It's based on Daniel 3:18 when Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego were going to be thrown into the fire for worshiping God.  They basically said that they know that their God is able to deliver them from it, 'but even if He doesn't, He is still God and they will still worship Him."  I love this version because it speaks to me and my life so clearly.

"but if NOT, He is STILL GOOD!"

As I write about London's Studio and share my excitement with you regarding all the fun in decorating and sharing this space with others, it all goes back to a mindset that I had to accept..."but if NOT, He is STILL GOOD!"  London's Studio is here because HE is STILL GOOD.  I remember pleading with God before London was born to let her heart develop as it should those last few months while she was in my womb.  I remember pleading with God as I held her in my arms to let her surgery be a success.  I knew He was able.

But He had other plans...and He is STILL GOOD.

London's Bridge Photography wouldn't be here if my prayers were answered my way.  London's Studio wouldn't be here if my prayers were answered my way.  There are so many blessings that I have received all because the answer was NO.  

Because He is STILL GOOD, I get to witness others celebrating life through my lens.  I get to capture moments for families that will be cherished for a lifetime.  That is a privilege that I will never take lightly. 

The next time that things don't turn out the way that you hoped, try to see the blessings that come as a result.  It doesn't mean it will be easy, and it doesn't mean that you won't wonder "what if"...but if you will just open your eyes, you will see the blessings.  I see my blessings.  London's Studio is one of them. 


Are you interested in having a session in London's Studio?!  Awesome, you can view information HERE!  You can also view the very first session held in London's Studio by clicking HERE!  I can't wait to hear from you!

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London's Studio - Breaking It In!! The past couple of months have been exciting for London's Bridge Photography!  As many of you know, I recently transformed my sitting room into a natural light studio.  That's fun in itself, but the real joy came when I was able to pull London's nursery furniture out of storage for the first time in over 10 years in order to create my studio!  You can read all about that HERE.  My heart has been so full being able to make "London's Studio" a space that is beautiful, elegant, and purposeful!  When I think of what I envision for London's Studio, I simply think of it as a place "Where Life is Celebrated". 

When I had the opportunity to host my first official photo shoot in London's Studio, my heart was overflowing with joy!  Not only was I getting to honor London, but I was getting to photograph two of the most precious little girls and their beautiful mama!!  To say that we had fun would be a total understatement!  I can honestly say that this session was good for my soul and truly represents everything I hope & pray London's Studio will be for those who enter: a place where life is truly celebrated!!

There was snuggling, tickling and much jumping!!  They had a pillow fight, played Ring Around the Rosie, danced & twirled.  They let me smell their "stinky piggies", rocked with their mama in the rocking chair, and even read one of London's books that had been tucked away for over 10 years.  For the short time that these sweet girls were with me, we celebrated life and had the best time!  I'm so excited to share this session with you!! :)

Kentucky weather is so crazy!!  It was snowing in March!! 

Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your sweet girls with me & allowing me to capture so much love!!  It was truly an honor!!


Are you interested in having your own session in London's Studio?!!  Awesome!  You can view pricing & details HERE and you can read all about the London's Bridge Photography experience HERE!  I can't wait to hear from you!


I'm super excited to be starting a Newsletter!!  I would love for you to join me!  Sign up HERE and get a free guide to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids! :)  Thanks so much!!

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London's Studio Session - SALE!! I have been overwhelmed and so blessed by the love & support regarding the opening of "London's Studio".  What started as a personal accomplishment on this journey of grief & healing has ended up reaching far more people than I ever imagined.  I hope & pray that her space will overflow with love & laughter, and that life will truly be celebrated!

Congratulations to Melanie Johnson on winning the FREE STUDIO SESSION give-away!!

To celebrate the opening of "London's Studio", all studio sessions purchased between now and March 31 will be $100 OFF the regular price!!  See details below!

Ready to book?!  Awesome!  You can pay your deposit or go ahead and pay the full balance by clicking on the button below!  Then, contact me and we'll work out the details! :)  Looking forward to it!

London's Studio Session - SALE!!


I'm also super excited to be starting a Newsletter!!  I would love for you to join me!  Sign up HERE and get a free guide to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids! :)  Thanks so much!!  

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The London Studio - giving London's furniture purpose & new life You know, losing a child is something that absolutely rocks your world.  It shatters everything you know to be good and true into a million pieces.  It makes you do things and feel things you never would've done or felt before.  It changes you.  Although it's been over 10 years since London died, I can absolutely say that I am not the same person I was before losing her.  Not even close.  Not that I would want to be...but there are times that I miss life without grief.  I miss my "ignorance is bliss/happy go lucky" outlook on life.  

Everyone grieves differently and handles things differently.  Although London never slept in her crib or wore her clothes, we have never felt like we could part with any of those things.  Everything that was "hers" was in my parents' basement for about 8 years.  About two years ago, I finally got up the nerve to move it all from their home to our home in our storage room.  It was all simply taking up room, serving no real purpose than just reminding us of what never was.  Depressing, I know!  Hang with me...the story gets happy in a second, I promise.  Here was London's nursery...

It's no secret that London's Bridge Photography is named after London and was created because of London.  Everything I do with my business is to honor her and to celebrate life!  Recently, I've been toying around with the idea of a studio.  I don't use fancy lights or backdrops, as I strive to keep my images very authentic and natural.  However, I absolutely love the idea of families snuggling on the bed, mamas rocking their sweet babies, little ones jumping on the bed, everyone cuddling on the know, all of those sweet things that awesome families do.  

So, guess what?  I recently have had the best time turning my downstairs sitting room into a natural light studio!  And the best part?  I used all of London's baby furniture!!  I cannot tell you how much joy and peace it gives me to know that her furniture is, indeed, being used by "her" - her cause, her legacy.  I changed the knobs and handles to look less "babyish", but it's all in there - repurposed, yet the same as it was when it waited for her over 10 long years ago.  

I cannot wait to capture joy, happiness, and so much love in this room - The London Studio!  It was already painted chocolate brown when it was a sitting room.  I love the moodiness it has.  Maybe I'll paint it a lighter color eventually, but this will work for now. :)

Apart from London's furniture, my vintage green couch is quite possibly my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house.  It was free...yes, free...and I wouldn't take a million bucks for it.  Okay, I would totally take a million bucks for it, but you get my point!!  I really love this couch! Haha!! If you're not into green, I will just edit those snuggle shots in black & white.  Easy fix! :) I haven't hung the big framed canvas behind the couch yet, but I will.  I may take that off the wall when I'm photographing families...just because you may not want my boys in your pictures...or would you?  They're pretty cute, though. :) The next shot shows the antique baby bed spring I got from a thrift store. :)  Don't mind the cracks in our walls.  Our home was built in 1875 (143 years ago), so she has a lot of stories to tell!  I naturally embrace imperfection in a lot of areas of my life, and our home is definitely one of them!!

So, I really had in mind getting some simple, natural shots of my boys in the new studio.  Jack cooperated more than Jagger, but he still acted like I was trying to pull his teeth out or make him run naked down the street!  The five minutes of shooting time was pretty torturous for all of us. 

Check out Jagger's pictures.  I couldn't decide whether to laugh my head off or knock his head off!! LOL!!!  He had to make the goofiest faces while looking like he was one of the Chippendales!!  He is such a mess!!

Nice, Jagger...NICE!!!  Where's the "face palm" emoji when I need it?!! :)  So, needless to say, three pictures is all I got of Jagger.  Jack hung in there a little longer.  

All of his grumbling was worth it just to get this shot!  He was doing some sort of ninja kick off the couch, which is so him, so he was actually happy! Ha!  

Since torturing photographing my boys in the London Studio, I stepped way out of my comfort zone, set up my tripod and took a few self portraits.  I feel like a total geek saying that.  However, here's my justification for awkward self portraits.  I am always the one with the camera, capturing the lives of my sweet family and everyone else's family.  As much as I want to stay behind the camera, I realize the importance of being in pictures, too.  Someday when my boys are grown, I want them to have pictures of their show that I was here, too!  That's not too selfish, is it? 

Regardless, I probably could've charged money for the comedy show I put on setting my timer, running over to the bed or the chair and pretending to be distracted for pictures!! Haha!!  I don't have a remote for my camera, so I got a workout just taking self portraits.  Jagger did walk in on a couple, and I was genuinely laughing and making fun of myself.  Those ended up being the ones that make me smile...and represent me most accurately.  So, here's to my awkward selfies!!  LOL!!

Now, here's the fun part!!  I NEED to break the London Studio in!!  I can't just take selfies & Chippendales pictures in here forever!  Haha!  I need some small families (4 people max), couples, expecting mamas, or small children to photograph in this space!!

Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes long.  We will use the bed, the rocking chair, the windows, & the couch.  I'm excited to have lots of options for one space!  The best part is I am going to GIVE AWAY a studio session!!  Yep...I will photograph someone for FREE, no strings attached.  You give me 30 minutes of your time, and I'll give you beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime! :)  

Here's how to be eligible to win!!

* Share this post on your Facebook wall.

* Like my page on Facebook (HERE).

* Follow me on Instagram @londonsbridgephotography (HERE)

* Let me know that you did all three (comment here or on my Facebook post)!! 


I will choose a winner on Friday, March 23!!  I can't wait!! :)

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Proffitt Design Co. This is my beautiful sister, Afton and her amazing husband, Braden!  I remember when Afton brought Braden over to meet the family for the first time.  Afton had never been head-over-heels for anyone (she was really picky) until she met Braden!  There was just something about him that made her heart skip a beat!  When we all met him, it was easy to see why!!  Fast-forward about 6 years, and now these two lovebirds are married, teaching, and just recently decided to pursue their passion of home remodeling and design!  They are the proud owners of Proffitt Design Co.  I am so proud of them and cannot wait to see what their future holds!

Afton dreams big and has an eye for design that is so impressive.  Braden can build, fix, and create anything!  They're a perfect team!  Plus, Braden is seriously the most patient person on the planet.  I'm not saying that he "NEEDS" patience with Afton, but I'm just saying that it probably doesn't hurt!! Haha!!  Just kidding, Afton!!  

Afton & Braden are like two old souls.  They just belong together, plain and simple.  They are always laughing, smiling, & joking.  They truly are best friends.  When it comes to project design & construction, that goes a long way!!

Afton & Braden are also new parents to the cutest little fur baby, Augie Ray!!  He has the shortest legs ever, the fattest belly, and gives the best kisses right on the mouth!! LOL!!  He's super spoiled and knows he's in charge!

Afton & Braden have a passion for turning houses into homes.  They have already tackled the remodel of their first home, and they're still smiling!  Actually, it would take a lot for them to stop smiling.  It's just who they are!  

Are you looking to remodel, redecorate, or redesign your home?  Are you just simply wanting some design inspiration?  Then, I encourage you to visit their blog at to see Afton & Braden's beautiful work and to get inspired with unique design tips & tricks! :)


I had so much fun photographing the love & fun that Afton & Braden share!  This is such a special time in their lives, and it was an honor to get to capture a few of those sweet moments for them!  That makes me wonder...has it been way too long since you've had your precious memories captured?  I can help you with that! :)  You can learn all about the London's Bridge Photography experience by starting HERE

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They've been here since the beginning!! In April 2011, I had a friend of a friend draw up a logo for me, I started a simple website, and I thought I'd give this photography gig a try! :)  I had SO much to learn, but what I knew at the time was that I loved capturing life.  I knew that my heart skipped a beat when I got to capture precious memories for families.  I remember feeling so nervous, excited & honored when someone actually trusted me to capture their memories!  Almost 7 years later, I still get super excited & honored when someone trusts me to capture their memories!  I understand the power of pictures and the fact that life is so very precious, so capturing it for others is a task that is never taken lightly!

One of the very first families who allowed me to capture their memories way back then was the Mays Family! I still remember our very first session together!  I remember meeting at my uncle's farm and having the absolute BEST time with Scott, Kristy, and their precious kiddos, Eli & Joy-Kate!  At the time the kids were little bitty!  I remember thinking to myself, "If every session were like this, I could do this forever!"

Here are a couple of images from our very first session together in 2011! :)  

  From the very beginning, there was just something special about the Mays Family!  I laughed my butt off at Scott...and even started calling him "Clark" (as in Clark Griswold, haha!!)  I loved that they didn't sweat the small stuff!  I loved that they let their kids be kids and that they didn't freak out if something wasn't perfect!  I loved that they trusted me and my vision and embraced the beauty of real, natural moments.  I learned quickly that I could simply be me with the Mays Family!  As a photographer, there is so much freedom in that.

As time passed, they actually kept trusting me to capture the milestones and memories for their beautiful family!  And every single time, I felt that same sense of joy when I was with them.  

They love life.  They embrace the chaos.  They find beauty in the mundane...and quite simply, they just make me happy.  It has been such a joy watching their family grow and change.

Spending time with the Mays family is ALWAYS fun...and ALWAYS an adventure!! :)

I am so thankful for this precious family for so many reasons.  I am thankful for their friendship.  I am thankful for the encouragement and confidence they have given me since 2011 to do what I love and just be me.  I am thankful for the wonderful example of "family" that they are to all who know them.  They love deeply & laugh more than most.  They make everyone around them better.  Simply put...they are just special.

Scott & Kristy, THANK YOU!!  Thank you for being with me the longest.  Thank you for your loyalty and for bringing me such joy for the last 7 years!!  You guys are the best!! Love you bunches and can't wait until next time!! :)


If you're reading this and are ready to have your own family's story told, then I invite you to click HERE to read more about the session experience!  I would love to meet you! :)



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Seniors!! It's not too late! Can you believe it's already March?!  Before you know it, it will be May and your baby will be graduating!!  Have you been putting off having Senior pictures made?  I understand!  Time flies when you're having fun...especially during Senior Year!!  Here's the good's not too late!  Take a look at some of my favorite recent Senior images, and contact me to schedule your own! :)  

Don't let this precious time pass without capturing your memories!  You can start your journey HERE!  If you'd like to see more Senior images first, click HERE! :)

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The Bryan Family I love getting to spend time with awesome families like the Bryans!  They are beautiful, as you can clearly see...but they are equally as kind, laid back and just so fun!  Plus, their children are three of the most well-mannered kids I've been around...and I'm around a lot of kids!  We had a great time together! :)

Are you interested in having your beautiful story told?!  You can read more about the London's Bridge Photography experience by starting HERE!

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Langley Family This beautiful family is special to me!  They are great friends, but some of the sweetest, funnest people you'll ever meet!  It was wonderful getting to spend time with them on their family farm!  There's nothing I love more in photography than a gorgeous sunset, open spaces, and beautiful people who love to have fun!  We had all of those things...and it was SO much fun!! :)

  Oh, the love of a big sister!!! LOL!!

Are you interested in having your beautiful story told?!  You can read more about the London's Bridge Photography experience by starting HERE!

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Now that's a lot of packages!!

I want to thank you all SO MUCH for your support with our "Love Never Fails" fundraiser last week!  Because of your generosity, London's Bridge Photography will donate over $500 to the Children's Heart Foundation!!!  It means the world to me to be able to honor London for Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week!!  Your love & support has made my heart so happy, and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!  I will be personally delivering packages as well as shipping them this week!!  If this is your first time visiting and you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can read about my fundraiser and order your very own Love Never Fails print HERE!  Again, THANK YOU guys so very much!!  

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Love Never Fails: CHD Awareness Week We all know that February is all about love and hearts!  Stores are decorated in red and pink, hearts are everywhere, and love is in the air! :)  Up until 2007, the only hearts I thought about in February were the candy and chocolate ones!  That all changed on 9/11/07 when my precious baby girl, London, entered this world with half of her heart  She had a severe congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  London's precious little heart was severely underdeveloped and could not pump blood throughout her body.  When she was two days old, she underwent major open-heart surgery to help her heart work in a "normal" way.  Unfortunately, there were complications during surgery, and our precious London did not survive.  

Our hearts were shattered into a million pieces.  Although it has been 10 years already, I am still picking up the pieces.  In fact, I don't think I will ever stop picking up the pieces.  London left her mark on her mommy's heart, and because of that, it is my mission to honor her in every part of my life.  It's my mission to bring awareness to Congenital Heart Defects and to share my story and London's story! 

That is why London's Bridge Photography even exists...and that is why I am choosing to raise awareness and funds for CHD Awareness Week.  To honor London and all babies and children with CHD's, I am choosing to sell one of my images with a simple scripture on it: Love Never Fails. ~1 Corinthians 13:8

This picture is so special to me in many ways.  First of all, my mom gave us this beautiful plant in honor of London.  It's called a "Bleeding Heart" , and it is truly a testament of God's hand being in the details.  The flowers of this plant are perfect little hearts...and the prettiest pink you'll ever see.  They are delicate and perfect.  They bloom for just a little while, and then they're gone until next year.  I always look forward to seeing the first of many little pink heart blooms.  It's like God reminds me, "Ashlee, I'm taking good care of her.  I promise." :)  

This plant reminds me of London, of course, but it also reminds me that God is always there.  His love never fails, even when this life doesn't go as planned.  His love never fails, even when people do.  It reminds me that my love for London never fails and will be as strong the day I die as the first moment I held her in my arms.  Love Never Fails. 

I am selling four print sizes, and ALL PROFITS DURING CHD AWARENESS WEEK (Feb.7-Feb.14) WILL BE DONATED to the Children's Heart Foundation!  Every print will be of the highest quality and mounted for durability and longevity.  I hope & pray that you will support this cause and proudly display this beautiful image in your home, on your desk, or give it as a gift...and always remember that HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Sizes & Prices are as follows:

                                                                          4x6         $12

                                                                          5x7         $16

                                                                          8x10       $20

                                                                          11x14     $40


To order yours, simply click the PayPal button below.  If you are in the Elizabethtown, KY area, I will deliver the print to you.  If you are out of town, I will mail it to you!  Prints will be ordered & delivered after Feb. 14.

I can't thank you enough for your support!! 


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