30 Minutes in the Life {September}

September 23, 2013  •  13 Comments

I am fortunate to be included in a blog circle with a group of super talented photographers who have chosen to capture "30 Minutes in the Life" every month.  If you know me, you know that I am not a depressing person.  I absolutely love to laugh, to joke, & to have a great time!  I do not take myself too seriously.  However, the month of September tends to bring about my most joyful feelings...and my most sad feelings. 

On September 7, we celebrate our first son, Jagger's birthday.  It is always a day full of fun, laughter, and lots of partying!  Just 4 days after Jagger's birthday, we celebrate our precious daughter, London's birthday.  On September 11, she would have been 6.  It's hard to "celebrate" her birthday without being sad and full of wonder of "what might have been".  It's hard to go to her grave on her birthday when we want nothing more than to be planning her party.  However, this is our life, and for this month, I wanted to share our "30 minutes in the Life" as we wished our precious London Cloe a very happy 6th birthday in heaven.  Don't get me wrong...we know that she's not really "there".  We have full confidence that her sweet spirit is in heaven...where she is laughing and playing and safe in the presence of Jesus.  However, this is where her precious little body was laid to rest...it's where we can go - on this side of heaven - to visit her, to be close to her, and to honor her. 

* Just a side note, London's middle name is "Chloe" without the h.  My Nana, who was one of the most wonderful, kind, loving & devout Christian women I ever knew died when I was pregnant with London.  Her name was Cleo.  Just days before my Nana passed away, I told her that if I had a girl, I would name her after her.  Although Nana was so weak with cancer at the time, she smiled and said she would be honored.  When we found out we were having a girl, we decided to use "Chloe" as her middle name, but spell it Cloe in honor of my Nana.  I find comfort in knowing that my Nana, Cleo, and my sweet London Cloe are together. :)

We always bring her pink roses and balloons.
I don't want to confuse anyone...Jack is wearing on of Jagger's old shirts :) 

I know it sounds weird, but this is the place where I feel I can be with all three of my children at the same time. 

When we got there, we noticed that someone had sowed grass, brought a vase of freshly cut flowers, and put angel wings on her angel.  Later we found out it was my mom...London's Grandmommy.  It meant so much to us. 

The boys love to send the balloons to London...and watch them until they drift out of sight.
As I zoomed in to this next image, I noticed Jagger's tears on his cheek as he let his balloons go.  He loves his sister so much.
We always clean her beautiful pink stone and make everything tidy.  Jack helped clean my Papaw's stone, too.  Papaw's "angel day" was September 15.  London's was the 13th.
The boys love to explore, so Jonathan & I enjoy a few moments of quiet.
Jonathan always takes a little pink rose with him.
Jagger wanted to take a few pictures, so I let him.  My necklace in this picture is one that my dear friend, Abby, gave me on London's one-year birthday.  It's made from the ribbons and heart pins that the staff at my school wore on the day London was born.  It is so very special to me, and I wear it every year on her birthday & angel day.
And then it was time to go.  It was another year without our princess...and another year closer to seeing her again.



Thank you so much for taking a glimpse at these precious 30 minutes in my life this month!  Now, please visit the incredibly talented Stacey Markel, Maryland Family Photographer to see what her 30 minutes in the life looked like this month!  ~ Ashlee :) 





SummerK Photograpy(non-registered)
Beautiful. Touching. Heart-Wrenching. All rolled into one.

Thank you for sharing this, Ashlee.

That picture of Jagger? With the tear? Oh my word.
Sophie James | Bluebells on the Green(non-registered)
Wow, Ashlee these are so very beautiful and touching.Those boys just ooze love for their sister.
And what a beautiful resting place, it's just so warm and comforting.
Happy birthday London, you beautiful girl!
From the Mummy of one 6 year old girl to another I just wish I could give you a big hug in person.
Rebecka LeFoll(non-registered)
Is it possible to feel so much joy and hope and pain and sorrow all at the same time? I am SO sorry for your loss Ashlee. These images break my heart. You captured the day beautifully and I am honored to have been able to see your special day.
April Burns(non-registered)
Oh Ashlee you have me crying alread this morning! This is absolutely beautiful!! Love to you and your sweet family!!
Juli Isola(non-registered)
Tremendously real and precious. You opened my heart tonight. Thank you. Blessings.
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