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The London Studio - giving London's furniture purpose & new life

March 19, 2018  •  57 Comments

You know, losing a child is something that absolutely rocks your world.  It shatters everything you know to be good and true into a million pieces.  It makes you do things and feel things you never would've done or felt before.  It changes you.  Although it's been over 10 years since London died, I can absolutely say that I am not the same person I was before losing her.  Not even close.  Not that I would want to be...but there are times that I miss life without grief.  I miss my "ignorance is bliss/happy go lucky" outlook on life.  

Everyone grieves differently and handles things differently.  Although London never slept in her crib or wore her clothes, we have never felt like we could part with any of those things.  Everything that was "hers" was in my parents' basement for about 8 years.  About two years ago, I finally got up the nerve to move it all from their home to our home in our storage room.  It was all simply taking up room, serving no real purpose than just reminding us of what never was.  Depressing, I know!  Hang with me...the story gets happy in a second, I promise.  Here was London's nursery...

It's no secret that London's Bridge Photography is named after London and was created because of London.  Everything I do with my business is to honor her and to celebrate life!  Recently, I've been toying around with the idea of a studio.  I don't use fancy lights or backdrops, as I strive to keep my images very authentic and natural.  However, I absolutely love the idea of families snuggling on the bed, mamas rocking their sweet babies, little ones jumping on the bed, everyone cuddling on the know, all of those sweet things that awesome families do.  

So, guess what?  I recently have had the best time turning my downstairs sitting room into a natural light studio!  And the best part?  I used all of London's baby furniture!!  I cannot tell you how much joy and peace it gives me to know that her furniture is, indeed, being used by "her" - her cause, her legacy.  I changed the knobs and handles to look less "babyish", but it's all in there - repurposed, yet the same as it was when it waited for her over 10 long years ago.  

I cannot wait to capture joy, happiness, and so much love in this room - The London Studio!  It was already painted chocolate brown when it was a sitting room.  I love the moodiness it has.  Maybe I'll paint it a lighter color eventually, but this will work for now. :)

Apart from London's furniture, my vintage green couch is quite possibly my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house.  It was free...yes, free...and I wouldn't take a million bucks for it.  Okay, I would totally take a million bucks for it, but you get my point!!  I really love this couch! Haha!! If you're not into green, I will just edit those snuggle shots in black & white.  Easy fix! :) I haven't hung the big framed canvas behind the couch yet, but I will.  I may take that off the wall when I'm photographing families...just because you may not want my boys in your pictures...or would you?  They're pretty cute, though. :) The next shot shows the antique baby bed spring I got from a thrift store. :)  Don't mind the cracks in our walls.  Our home was built in 1875 (143 years ago), so she has a lot of stories to tell!  I naturally embrace imperfection in a lot of areas of my life, and our home is definitely one of them!!

So, I really had in mind getting some simple, natural shots of my boys in the new studio.  Jack cooperated more than Jagger, but he still acted like I was trying to pull his teeth out or make him run naked down the street!  The five minutes of shooting time was pretty torturous for all of us. 

Check out Jagger's pictures.  I couldn't decide whether to laugh my head off or knock his head off!! LOL!!!  He had to make the goofiest faces while looking like he was one of the Chippendales!!  He is such a mess!!

Nice, Jagger...NICE!!!  Where's the "face palm" emoji when I need it?!! :)  So, needless to say, three pictures is all I got of Jagger.  Jack hung in there a little longer.  

All of his grumbling was worth it just to get this shot!  He was doing some sort of ninja kick off the couch, which is so him, so he was actually happy! Ha!  

Since torturing photographing my boys in the London Studio, I stepped way out of my comfort zone, set up my tripod and took a few self portraits.  I feel like a total geek saying that.  However, here's my justification for awkward self portraits.  I am always the one with the camera, capturing the lives of my sweet family and everyone else's family.  As much as I want to stay behind the camera, I realize the importance of being in pictures, too.  Someday when my boys are grown, I want them to have pictures of their show that I was here, too!  That's not too selfish, is it? 

Regardless, I probably could've charged money for the comedy show I put on setting my timer, running over to the bed or the chair and pretending to be distracted for pictures!! Haha!!  I don't have a remote for my camera, so I got a workout just taking self portraits.  Jagger did walk in on a couple, and I was genuinely laughing and making fun of myself.  Those ended up being the ones that make me smile...and represent me most accurately.  So, here's to my awkward selfies!!  LOL!!

Now, here's the fun part!!  I NEED to break the London Studio in!!  I can't just take selfies & Chippendales pictures in here forever!  Haha!  I need some small families (4 people max), couples, expecting mamas, or small children to photograph in this space!!

Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes long.  We will use the bed, the rocking chair, the windows, & the couch.  I'm excited to have lots of options for one space!  The best part is I am going to GIVE AWAY a studio session!!  Yep...I will photograph someone for FREE, no strings attached.  You give me 30 minutes of your time, and I'll give you beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime! :)  

Here's how to be eligible to win!!

* Share this post on your Facebook wall.

* Like my page on Facebook (HERE).

* Follow me on Instagram @londonsbridgephotography (HERE)

* Let me know that you did all three (comment here or on my Facebook post)!! 


I will choose a winner on Friday, March 23!!  I can't wait!! :)


Angela Hill(non-registered)
I did all three. I thank you for putting your story out there. I had triplets in 2015.they were born at 27 weeks. Unfortunately, Baby A, Ashton, only lived for 1 day. Easton and Corbin were in the NICU for 100 days. Everytime I look at them, I think of Ashton.
Tess Smith(non-registered)
Always LOVE your pictures. It definitely tell a story.
Lauren Helsel(non-registered)
I did all three! What a beautiful tribute to your sweet daughter. And gorgeous repurposing of her room.
Kaitlen Hanauer(non-registered)
I shared on my Facebook. Obviously!
Rhonda Moore -Scott(non-registered)
How BEAUTIFUL!I cried reading your precious words. You are truly a great inspiration of faith and love. I did all 3.
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