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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions - Elizabethtown Newborn Photographer

June 04, 2018  •  2 Comments

I have always been drawn to the "real" and the "raw" in a photograph.  Even when I had pictures plastered all over my dorm room in college, I always chose to frame the ones that told a story.  Although I absolutely love & respect traditional portraits, they are not usually the ones that make my heart sing.  Because of my love for natural, real-life, imperfect images, I honestly never thought that newborn photography would be my thing.  After all, I didn't really have the interest in learning to do all of the fancy poses or fancy wraps.  I didn't have the desire to spend hours trying to keep a baby asleep and manipulate his/her little legs, arms, hands, and head into a perfect position.  I have so much respect for the amazing photographers who do it so well, but I simply don't have the patience or the passion for that.  I mean, I even love capturing the open-mouth, gummy newborn cries like this...

Therefore, I just assumed that newborn photography just wasn't for me.   That is...until I started seeing "In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography" pop up in some of the inspirational photography forums, magazines and blogs that I follow.  When I first saw a style of newborn photography that "fit" my style of photography (and my personality), I was blown away!  It was so exciting when I realized I could create beautiful newborn portraits without wrapping, posing or spending hours doing it! I could embrace the real, natural, imperfect moments just like I do in all other areas of my photography...and that made my heart so happy!!

I haven't marketed myself as a newborn photographer.  After all, not everyone wants the natural, organic look for a newborn session.  However, for the few who have trusted me and my vision, I am so grateful.  Once I got the chance to simply document these precious little miracles just as they are in their comfortable surroundings, I loved it...and it just felt right.  Seeing new life and the love that surrounds that precious little soul is something I will never ever take for granted!  Let me get sentimental for a second.  I can't tell you how much I wish I had invested in a photographer for when my daughter, London, was born.  And, you know what?  I would've wanted images of her just being her precious little self - her little squirms, expressions, eyes open and closed, her in my arms getting kisses, her little toes, belly button, her little button nose, the way her finger grasped mine, her wispy hair...everything.  I have snapshots of a few of those things that I cherish, but to have had professional images taken from an artistic perspective would've been so amazing.  I wasn't a photographer then.  I just didn't know or appreciate the true gift of photography. Now, I do.  Now, I get it.  I know now that I can give images to my clients of their precious newborn that I wish I would've had of London.  I can capture organic moments in a beautiful, artistic way that will truly make their heart smile. I can give them the gift of memories that will last a lifetime.  After all, newborns just don't keep.  They grow way too fast, and those moments are gone way too soon.  Here are some of my favorite shots captured during in-home lifestyle newborn sessions.            Having a new baby in the home is wonderful, exciting, hard, overwhelming, messy, beautiful, and such an incredible blessing.  I want to capture it all because it's all worth being remembered!

Because of this new-found love of mine, I am needing families with newborn babies (less than 1 month old) or families who will have newborn babies between now and August! :)  From now until Friday, June 8, I will be taking names of those who would love an Lifestyle Newborn session with London's Bridge Photography!  I will choose 2 FAMILIES who will receive a FREE newborn session!!  Yep, strings attached!!  You let me come into your home and document your precious new little miracle, and I will give you all edited images with printing rights.  



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