Hi there!  I'm Ashlee! :) Thank you so much for being here!!  That's me with my family up above!  You can click HERE to read more about me.  However, you're probably not here to read about me...you'd rather know how I can help you, and I'd love to tell you! 

If you're a parent like me, you know what it's like to completely melt at any photo of your kids!  You love seeing their sweet faces and remembering all of their little quirks & habits.  You realize that, in a blink of an eye, this moment in time will be gone. You want to savor every second and remember every moment.  I can help you with that!  I can capture those precious moments that you never want to forget!  I can freeze this precious time for you so that, even in 50 years, you can look at your photographs and "go there" again.  I am an award-winning lifestyle photographer who specializes in families & children.  This year, I am excited to offer a custom photography experience that is unlike any other experience in the Elizabethtown, KY and surrounding area.  From initial inquiry to the delivery of your beautiful artwork, I am here to serve you!

My mission is to to create FUN, LIFE-INSPIRED, STORYTELLING custom art that will make your heart smile!

I work with families who embrace authentic interaction and imperfection!  I work with families who value the lost art of a tangible photograph and long to see their custom art on their walls and in their hands.   

I'd love to tell you more & show you some of my work!  Before I show you my work, though, it's incredibly important to me that you know WHY I am passionate about capturing your memories!  I have a big "WHY" , and I'd love to share it with you!  Click HERE to read about what fuels my passion for life & photography!