Hi there, I'm Ashlee! 

I'm so glad you're here! :)

A few random facts about me...

* I love Jesus.

* I have a loud laugh and I love to hug!  Watch out!! :)

* I could live on cake (with tons of icing) and mac & cheese!!

* I never make my bed (unless company is coming over).  It's true...sorry, Mom.

* I can recite pretty much every line of Dumb & Dumber or The Notebook (best movies ever)!

* I hate to cook. I will cook...but I would rather have a tooth pulled!  Sorry again, Mom.

* The beach is my happy place (and Target)!


Jonathan & I met in college & have been married for 18 years!  We have two wild & wonderful boys (Jagger & Jack) and a precious girl in heaven (London).  Everything I do with my business reflects my desire to honor London and to give back to others along the way.  When I'm not photographing awesome people, you'll find me teaching elementary special education, driving my boys to all of their activities, or running down the road with my headphones on!  You might also find me in Target buying something else I don't need. :)

 My Philosophy

There is so much more to photography than simply taking a pretty picture.  I want to capture honest moments that make you feel something!  I strive to capture life as it unfolds...real, imperfect, wonderful, beautiful life!  I simply want to see you living.  I want to see you loving, hugging, laughing, playing, and simply enjoying life with those you love the most.  I want to capture natural moments that truly make your heart smile!  I want to freeze this beautiful time in your life so that you will never forget.  After all, every moment is truly a gift! 

 It's also incredibly important to me that you know WHY I am passionate about capturing your memories!  I have a big "WHY", and I'd love to share it with you!  Click HERE to read about what fuels my passion for life & photography!