Photographing kids is always an adventure...and usually a challenge...and that's what I love about it!  I love their innocence, their wonder and curiosity!  As a mom of two boys, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff!  I embrace imperfections, moodiness, craziness, and dirt...gotta love dirt! :)  I let kids be kids.  I want you to remember them at this very time in their lives.  My goal is that years from now, you will look at the pictures of your children and be able to "go there" remember that toothless grin, to hear that hilarious giggle, and to remember how soft their cheeks were.  I hope & pray that the photographs will truly make your heart smile! 

Do you like what you see?!  Great!  Click HERE to learn more about the London's Bridge Photography experience.  If you'd like to view another gallery first, please click the link below.