Hi there!  I'm Ashlee Tomes (sounds like "Toms"), and I'm so glad you're here! :)  I am a lifestyle photographer in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky area. 

I am a lover of Jesus, a devoted wife to Jonathan, a mom of two sweet boys (Jagger & Jack) and a precious little princess in heaven (London).  Everything I do with my business reflects my desire to honor London and to give back to others along the way.  Giving back is very important to me and an integral part of my business.  That is why a portion of profits from every session is donated to charity.

My work has received international recognition and awards.  You can read more about my awards & honors HERE.  

When I'm not photographing awesome people like you, you'll find me teaching elementary special education, chasing my boys to all of their activities, or running down the road with my headphones on!


A few fun & random facts about me...

* I could live on birthday cake (with tons of icing) and macaroni & cheese!!

* I recently ran 10 miles in honor of London's 10th birthday!

* I only make my bed if company is coming over!  Sorry, Mom!

* I can recite pretty much every line of Dumb & Dumber (aka...the best movie ever made)!!

* I hate to cook!  I will cook...but I hate to cook.  Sorry again, Mom.

* I once played in the Kentucky High School Basketball Championship game!!  Those were the days! :)  Never mind the fact that we lost. :(  

* When Jonathan & I got married, I had long hair and he had short hair!!  Man, how we've changed!!

And last but not least...I have a loud laugh and I love to hug!  Watch out!! :)

To me, there is so much more to photography than simply taking a pretty picture.  I want to capture honest moments that make you feel something!  I want your images to tell your story, even if it's messy!  Messy can be beautiful, too! 

My goal is to capture life as it unfolds...real, imperfect, wonderful, beautiful life!   You can read all about my "WHY" HERE, which explains so much about my philosophy! 

I invite you to come as you are...bring your children as they are...wear your favorite clothes...let your little one wear the superhero cape or plastic Barbie heels!  It's life, it's NOW, and it's beautiful!  If you share my vision for yourself or for your family, I would love the opportunity to work with you!   Get ready to laugh, have fun, and let your heart smile!  I'm excited to meet you! :)  


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