The London's Bridge Photography Experience

Does the thought of having a photo session stress you out?  You're stressed about what to wear, whether your kids will behave, & what location to use.  You're nervous that you'll feel awkward, that you won't know what to do or where to put your hands.  The whole thing makes you want to say, "Forget it!"  

 I understand!  Planning a photo session CAN be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!  Would you believe me if I told you that a photo session with me is fun and stress-free?  You're saying, "There's no way."  I understand your hesitation!  Let me calm your fears... I have photographed hundreds of families, children & Seniors in the Elizabethtown, KY area for the last 7 years!  Not only have I learned what works and what doesn't work through years of experience, but I am continuously refining my craft through education.  I invest in high-quality photography education courses and workshops every year to ensure that I am always learning and growing!   I am currently in my 16th year as an elementary special education teacher.  I am an expert in connecting with kids, going with the flow, being patient, and recognizing when something isn't working!  I am the first to be a complete goofball if it means winning them over or getting a belly laugh! I have a ton of strategies and tricks up my sleeve to ensure that your child is engaged and having fun!  On the other hand, I am a mom of two boys!  I totally get that they may be grumpy, tired, not in the mood for pictures, hating the outfit you picked for them, etc.  Haha!  Let's be honest, though...sometimes their grumpy faces are even adorable!  I love to capture those, too! :) I also understand that they get bored easily, that the last thing they want to do is stand still, look "perfect" and say "Cheese" the whole time!  That is why my approach is family & child-led!  We stay busy, we explore, we play games, we laugh and have fun!!  I will guide you, but I also let the moment lead the way.  I let real life happen, and I'm there to capture it!  Trust me, it works! :) We will plan your session together.  I will get to know your family, including what you enjoy.  I will help you with planning your outfits to ensure that you look & feel your best for your session!  We will decide on a location that is beautiful, unique and fits the look and feel of your session.   We will discuss how you plan to display your beautiful memories in your home, which will help in planning some of the shots that we get during your session!  We can chat over the phone or in person...whatever works best for you!  During your session, I will guide you and do light "posing" to ensure you look your best, but overall, I will let the moments lead the way and capture the raw, authentic connections between you & those you love!  Most importantly, we will have fun and capture beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime!  I promise!   After your session, I will go through the hundreds of images that I took and hand-edit the very best ones.  Each selected image will be edited to my highest creative standards and will be consistent with my style that you know & love.  Within 3 weeks of your session, your final image gallery will be ready for viewing!  You can choose to have it emailed to you.  However, I highly recommend scheduling a Custom Design Session!  Choosing your favorites and deciding what to order can be overwhelming, so I will help you make those tough decisions.  We can meet at your home or at my home studio.  I will use my artistic vision and expertise to help you decide on sizes, groupings, an album, etc. that will look perfect in your home!  After you place you order, your work is over!!        After your Custom Design Session, I will design & order your beautiful artwork.  When your order arrives at my home, it will be inspected, packaged beautifully, and hand-delivered to your door!  No more feelings of guilt that your precious memories are STILL on that USB drive from your session last year!  No more saying, "I need to create an album with those images!"  That's right...I've done it for you!  Now it's your turn to sit back and enjoy your precious memories as you look at them daily in your home!  No matter what the occasion, you can expect the same custom process and attention to detail with any session!  You can learn about the London's Bridge Photography investment by clicking HERE